Chicken Lo Mein noodles

January 25, 2017
Gluten Free Chicken Lo Mein 3

Exactly like take out lo mein! I omitted the bok choy and cabbage because i did not all of them available but We added broccoli, purple pepper, and liquid chestnuts because i prefer them therefore proved excellent! In addition used 3 cups of chicken broth instead of the bouillon cubes. We broke my noodles in half before preparing all of them which managed to get less difficult to fit right in handful of liquid. Beneficial! :)

I order lo mein when eating at an asian restaurant, so I ended up being leary relating to this dish. but this gets the YUM award inside my house. Made this yesterday evening with left-over chicken. The vegetables we used were: purple pepper, bok choy (we cut-up the stalk like celery and sliced within the green leaves), onion, slaw blend and additional carrot, topped with many green onion. I also utilized peanut as opposed to essential olive oil. I could perhaps not have the noodles to brown, but the style had been awesome none the less! My hubby and young adults gobbled it, also my Picky One consumed it. This dish is delicious, affordable, quick (aside from the chopping) and uses daily components, so that it gets 5-stars from us. Thank you for posting - it really is a keeper!

OMG! This really is divine!! I really could not think exactly how professional tasting it finished up! Nearly as good (or much better) than numerous restaurant lo mein meals I had. We used purchased chicken broth because I not have cubes and green peas & carrots, otherwise accompanied dish exactly. I also purchased the bok choy! Truly the only disheartening task had been obtaining the spaghetti squished to the 3 cups of broth, but i simply kept pushing it and dealing it straight down. Experienced Cook, thank you for the great meal!

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