Asian Dinner menu Ideas

July 17, 2019
3 - Course Meal Asian-Styled

Updated February 17, 2017

Chinese meals takeout menus are your go-to on busy evenings or belated nights, but rather of throwing cash away on takeout, it is possible to make conventional Chinese food dishes yourself! The Editors of have compiled our most readily useful Chinese meals in this assortment of Easy Chinese dishes: 39 Takeout meals to produce at Home. Whether your weakness is Beef and Broccoli or Shrimp Fried Rice, they are standard Chinese food recipes made quick with Mr. Food's quick and easy cooking viewpoint!

Appetizers, Soups, & Salads

Have you been one particular people that love to purchase tons of appetizers off of the Chinese food selection? We do not blame ya! With many tasty options to select from, including everything from crispy egg moves to hot soups, it really is difficult to choose just one. Luckily, you don't have to choose just one appetizer to serve your gang now that you can have all these takeout-style, easy Chinese recipes!

Beef & Duck

Chinese restaurants sure can say for certain how-to cook up flavorful dishes and stir-frys! When you are wanting beefy flavor or something like that a bit more elegant (like duck!) whip-up one of these brilliant simple Chinese dishes for meat and duck, and you'll be all set! Your family is gonna be so impressed you made homemade Chinese food!


We all know lots of people who are in love with their most favorite Chinese chicken dishes. They're those whom like to obtain hands sticky while consuming honey chicken, or just who think bourbon chicken is master of Chinese meals. Regardless of what your favorite Chinese chicken recipe is, we believe you'll find our simple Chinese meals for chicken to-be precisely what you have been looking.


Another preferred at Chinese restaurants is pork and guy do well known takeout restaurants know how to make our mouths liquid! We used conventional Asian seasonings and marinades to recreate a few of your preferred Chinese meals tastes, in order to enjoy these Chinese pork dishes and never having to keep home!

Fried Rice

Anyone who has bought from a Chinese restaurant knows that deep-fried rice is actually a staple. In many Chinese restaurants, fried rice is also included as part of a takeout bundle. Fried rice is the perfect side meal for just about any of your primary dish Chinese dishes. Whether you prefer yours with pork, shrimp, meat, chicken, or all vegetable, you're going to love our effortless Chinese deep-fried rice meals!


Did you know that noodles are believed become a symbol of good luck during Chinese New Year? Well, we do not think you must wait until then to savor the taste among these amazing Chinese noodle meals! Noodles are a great modification of pace for everyone times when you just never feel just like having fried rice for lunch, too. So, grab a set of chopsticks and obtain willing to slurp up some yummy noodle dishes!


Everyone knows that when you purchase Chinese meals, it is going to include some fortune cookies for dessert. But, did you know about other popular Chinese restaurant desserts? We viewed a few take-out menus to see just what types of nice snacks they provide and came up with this variety of simple Chinese dishes so that you could decide to try yourself. Today, you are able to truly finish your at-home Chinese dining experience!

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