• Save Paper With An Ecover-Style Paperrazzia

    Mar 09, 2012 | By Maureen

    Reducing the family paper trail is a constant challenge. It’s like that here at Ecover – we’re always looking for ways to use less paper – a major source of waste in homes and offices alike. In 2011 we encouraged our staff at Ecover to engage in a series of “paperrazzia” workshops. Paperrazzia is a sort of a paper confab to pinpoint wasteful printinghabits. By working together to change habits to reduce waste, we saw a 30 percent reduction in Ecover’s use of paper!

    We’re continuing paperrazzia in 2012 with some additional paper saving inventiveness. With each department coming up with ideas to forego paper use, we can commit to new policies and procedures (like E-invoicing, automated administration procedures, and even new initiatives in the warehouse)! The same principles can be applied at home you know…why not try a family “pizza paperrazzia? Gather for dinner and challenge family members to make paper-saving suggestions! Of course, every family’s habits and needs are different, but here are some ideas to get you started:

    1. Opt for Hemp – Paper products made with hemp are a good alternative because hemp needs no pesticides, grows quickly and preserves the soil it’s in better than most commercially grown plants.
    2. Pitch the Paper Towels – while paper towels are handy for wiping up quick spills, consider how many jobs could be tackled just as easily with a rag or dish cloth. Or even reuse paper towels!
    3. Recycle Christmas Cards and Paper Bags into Crafts – especially great with small children!
    4. Manage Catalogs and Junk Mail – This website helps you get your name off mailing lists.

    One incentive for making the ideas stick is the money your family will save, along with all those trees! So go ahead – join us on the paperrazzia bandwagon!


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