• NBC’s Today Spreads The Word About The Power Of Ecover Laundry Powder ZERO!

    Mar 26, 2012 | By Deb

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    On March 19thToday on NBC televised an in depth piece on one of our favorite topics: getting the laundry clean! The folks at Today asked the Good Housekeeping testers to see how a variety of laundry detergents worked on a plethora of stains … and, we are pleased to announce that Ecover did amazingly well!

    As Today reported, the Good Housekeeping professionals tested a wide variety of laundry detergents on twenty different types of tough stains, including everything from gravy to lipstick to grass and blood.  After washing the stains in a variety of laundry detergents, including “one of [the] plant-based picks” Ecover Laundry Powder ZERO, the testers concluded that Ecover got the job done. “It did well!”

    During the segment, Ecover’s Laundry Powder ZERO detergent was highlighted as one of the best performers. And since people do almost 400 loads of laundry per year, this is big news. In addition to Ecover’s effectiveness, Today also noted that the testers found the laundry detergents to be effective in cold water. So, if our customers want to save energy … using cold water is another great way to start!

    Based on the Today segment, Ecover’s Laundry Powder ZERO is a top choice so we hope that more people will be interested in trying all of our powerful ecological cleaners for a clean that feels good!


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