• Ecover Looks At The Advocacy Eco Moms, Growing Beyond The Gate…

    Dec 15, 2010 | By Ski

    Mothers’ home-family lifestyle choices are turning into advocacy.
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    At Ecover,as we celebrate 30 years of sustainable living via smarter science, we’re witnessing the surge of sustainable-living voices; one group that’s driving an increasingly influential percentage of the activity is Moms.

    Sustainability and behavioral expert Andrea Learned outlines, in her study“The Green Mom Eco-cosm,” that mothers’ interests are evolving beyond mere curiosity, and that they “….have a definite hunger for products and solutions to help their families live more sustainably…they are enthusiastically pursuing ‘green products’ that fit the lifestyles they want to achieve.”

    This “Green Mom Eco-cosm” is at work every day and examples are just a click away.

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    When marketing exec Tiffany Washko started her family, she turned curiosity about cloth diapers into sustainable leadership as head of  Natural Mom Media, where she produces Nature Moms and The Diaper Jungle. Similarly, marketing consultant Lynn Miller began blogging as an outlet to share how purchasing decisions “impacted my family’s health and the environment.” The result? Organic Mania, which helps consumers save money while building sustainable lifestyles.

    Ms. Learned also notes in her Mom Eco-cosm study that these moms are promoting high expectations – actively challenging their readers to look ‘beyond the gate’ as they embrace their passionate pursuit of sustainable living.

    Image via Wikimedia Commons

    The veracity with which these ecologically driven Moms pursue their passion is both a tribute and parallel to pioneer and Ecover founder Frans Bogaert and his drive to create cleaning products free of unnecessary phosphates.  It is a groundswell of spirit that we salute and encourage all to adopt. Awareness begets discovery; and newfound knowledge will power the sustainable changes of the future.

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