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    Mar 28, 2012 | By Lindsay

    Imagine living with your family in the middle of a busy city, and harvesting your own vegetables and tending to your own livestock. That’s part of the vision displayed by eVolvo Magazine, architecture and design journal, from their 2011 Skyscraper Competition. The annual competition recognizes superb ideas from designers all over the world that redefine skyscraper design for modern living.

    For example, there is the Circular Symbiosis Tower, above, the vertical farm for livestock within a city. This avant-garde design consisted of spiraling platforms of grass fields where cows are free to roam. After 30 days of habiting the same pasture, they would rotate to the next level, so that other animals like chickens would then use the previous field until its grass has grown again.

     Skyscraper cube that design for Manhattan

    We’re blown away by the innovation of each the architectural renderings; all the imagination, attention to sustainability and living in a changing world. We wonder if these images are the future of family living at its best; the architectural designs propose exciting solutions to green living space, urban living, and options for all lifestyles.

     Delhi Recycling Center

    The winner of the competition, LO2P Delhi Recycling Center, revolutionizes living space and designs a cleaner air space. This design consisted of a giant wind turbine with a building wrapped around it – composed of old cars! The building was designed to function as a giant lung which would clean the air through several large-scale greenhouses that serve as filters. The waste heat and CO2 from the recycling center would be used to grow plants to produce bio-fuels!

    Bravo to all of the contestants who proposed out-of-the-box skyscraper designs that would surely better our world.  The future is now!

    Image one via treehugger.com
    Images two and three via treehugger.com

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