• Ecover Is Head Over Heels For Seattle – And Dry Soda!

    Aug 24, 2011 | By Maureen

    Seattle has an uncanny knack for nurturing innovation and new trends. Consider that rock legend Jimi Hendrix, Amazon and Starbucks have all flourished in the Pacific Northwest’s largest city! So it’s fitting that Dry Soda, which is making a splash with pioneering, all-natural soft drinks, has also found a home in Seattle.

    Dry Soda founder Sharelle Klaus can’t say enough about her hometown. “This population has totally supported Dry in its efforts to revolutionize the soda world, just as it helped Starbucks revolutionize coffee, Microsoft revolutionize, well – everything, and Amazon revolutionize how we shop,” she says. “So bottom line – there is no better place in the U.S. to start a company or a revolution!”

    At Ecover, we’re smitten with Seattle’s creativity, free spirit, stunning views of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, and abundant natural resources along the shores of picturesque Puget Sound. And we love Dry Soda’s unique, not-too-sweet flavors, including lavender, blood orange and vanilla bean! Each flavor contains just four ingredients: purified water, natural extracts, pure cane sugar and phosphoric acid. We featured Dry Soda (to rave reviews!) at Bringing Earth Day Home, a fabulous New York City event that celebrated Ecover’s own commitment to bringing consumers innovative natural cleaning products!

    For Sharelle, former dotcom entrepreneur, mother of four and self-described “food nerd,” innovation was born out of frustration. Finding few appealing alternatives to wine while pregnant in 2004, she set out to create a sophisticated, light and nonalcoholic beverage. She picked the name “dry” to signify “less sweet” as it does with wine. Flavors are chosen to pair nicely with different foods. Each variety is the product of painstaking experimentation – sometimes 1,000 tests per flavor to get it right!

    It’s that kind of ingenuity that enhances Seattle’s natural appeal … and pairs perfectly with Ecover’s ideals!

    Photos by Chuck Taylor via Flickr.com


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