• Ecover Looks At The Benefits Of Sugarcane In Plant Based Packaging

    Apr 13, 2012 | By Maureen

    Exciting things are happening in the world of packaging! OK, we know what you’re thinking…really, package containers? More mundane than thrill-a-minute, right? But when you consider that scientists have figured out how to use the natural sugarcane plant to make plastic containers, you can see why Ecover is proud to be a part of ushering in this new era of sustainable packaging. As you’ve read here before, our award-winning 100% PlantPlastic packaging made entirely from sugarcane, is 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable.We think it’s pretty cool.

    Ecover spent three years working in the development to transition to this alternative packaging solution using sugarcane, bypassing the problematic alternative of corn products. After all, Ecover’s tradition of innovation has always been the intersection of science and nature, beginning over 30 years ago when we started producing phosphate-free dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent. Now today, dramatic changes are again afoot as companies seek more sustainable ways to deliver their products.

    We’re excited by the buzz and the interesting debate over what makes the most sense to use – corn or sugar cane. There are both important environmental and economic issues.  While corn is an option, Ecover believes sugarcane is a far better choice. The cultivation of corn requires heavy doses of nitrogen fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides, all which contribute to streams, rivers and ground water pollution. Sugarcane for Ecover’s PlantPlastic is grown in harmony with nature, without harming the nearby Amazonian rainforests. It’s the more sustainable choice. Corn used in packaging is more disruptive, also, to the global food supply as corn products are widely used in literally thousands of food products – as well as heavily used in ethanol production.

    It’s no wonder we can’t contain our excitement over the benefits of our 100% PlantPlastic bottles! Look for the logo on most Ecover products soon!


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