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    Mar 21, 2012 | By Deb

    Our blog featured a post in December about today’s “green” mothers. The same group that produced that study, The Social Studies Group, has now released a second report entitled “The Green Mom Eco-cosm Revisited,” which is well worth a look.

    This study evaluated surveys from about 150 of these so called “green moms,” described as a “vigilant, ardent, curious and well-educated community, with a particularly sharp focus on [aspects] of environmentalism that relate directly and immediately to families.” The report states that the primary motivation for these “green” mothers is the health and welfare of families, and not necessarily the environment.

    For Ecover, it’s reassuring to know that moms in the eco-cosm are first looking for products that are effective and work for their lifestyle expectations; the fact that Ecover products also help them keep their families away from toxins is fantastic – the icing on the cake. Ecological products that work bring value to the table and the best of both worlds.

    Interestingly, the study found that a mother’s decision to purchase green products bore no correlation to income: “…the drive to live responsibly outranked pocketbook concerns.”

    Another fascinating conclusion the report makes is that these women are actually greener in their real lives than their online presence suggests; “…for nearly every behavior measured, the number of people talking about it was less than the number of people actually doing it.” The authors touted this to be one of the cosm’s greatest strengths, as these discussions increase the adoption of “green behaviors [extending] into the lifestyles of mainstream families.”

    We hope to hear more from the moms in the eco-cosm … and, that we’ll see the day when sustainability habits such as recycling, composting and cleaning with ecological products will be part of every family’s lifestyle!

    Photo by Din! via Flickr


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