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  • Ecover Marvels At How Recycled Paper Becomes Artwork and Jewelry In The Hands of Michihiro Sato

    Date: 2012.10.30 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    Ecover is always thrilled when paper can be re-used and recycled. But when simple paper is transformed into a remarkable work of art, we’re pretty much awed. That’s why the work of Japan’s Michihiro Sato has left us almost breathless.

    Imagine delicate paper that is colored, cut, folded, twisted and formed into figures resembling tulips, pods and other shapes from nature. That’s the foundation of Sato’s work. His paper-based creations seem almost life-like and “practically blossom,” according to Daily Art Muse. But that’s not all. The artist takes those objects and incorporates them into jewelry!

    Sato makes pendants, brooches, necklaces and even rings—with names like Simultaneity and Revelation—from his paper creations. The artist focuses on fragility and takes his philosophy from Buddha himself:  “The physical world is transient, and it is grasped as a temporal world in Buddhism. I feel this real world again with something fragile.”

    These paper-based works make us think of the ancient Japanese practice of origami. However, Sato’s art goes well beyond swans and butterflies, taking paper manipulation to a whole new level. We hope, like us, you’ll be impressed with the artist’s jewelry … and we can’t wait to see what new and beautiful objects he produces in the future!

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  • Ecover Salutes Sustainable Fashion with Organic By John Patrick

    Date: 2012.10.26 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    Ecover knows that for many of our fashion-forward green closet eco-friends, style and sustainability go hand in hand.  That’s exactly why we’re excited to highlight John Patrick, the mastermind behind the line Organic, whose clothes demonstrate a deep respect for the planet.

    John Patrick has been a leader in the industry of organic, sustainable fashion for many years now.  Combining chic clothing with recycled and sustainable materials is second nature to the designer. Recently, John Patrick was profiled by Lucky magazine, which talked about O by Organic, a slightly more affordable limited-edition line created for Anthropologie.

    The designer has been praised for his combination of timeless silhouettes with unexpected fabrics. He even received a nomination for the CFDA Vogue award. In his Fall 2012 collection, Patrick collaborated with Raleigh Denim to incorporate jeans made from organic cotton and recycled TV dinner trays into the show! Unique and sustainable … a runway-stopping and totally winning combo!

    It’s clear that John Patrick is committed to building a healthy planet one organic collection at a time, and his passion for the environment is something that Ecover shares. It’s no wonder that Lucky magazine named John Patrick’s line “one of the coolest eco-friendly labels around.”

    So check out John Patrick’s clothes and consider adding them to your own Green Closet! There’s no better combination than feeling good and looking fabulous!

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  • Ecover Checks Out’s New Recycled Style With A Certain Cachet

    Date: 2012.10.22 | Category: Green Closet, Green Media | Response: 0

    Helping preserve our planet’s health is what we’re all working for! At  Ecover we’re always looking at ways to participate personally in sustainable living, whether it’s doing energy assessments at home, recycling wrapping paper for the holidays or using powerful phosphate-free cleaning products. We also encourage our Green Closet ecological approach to fashion which includes maintaining stylish sustainable designs in addition to extending the life of your fashion resources. That’s why Black Eyed Pea’s star’s new line of fashionable recycled products in partnership with Coca-Cola caught our eye!

    The partnership is a collaborative movement called Ekocycle. The global aim of Ekocycle is to produce lifestyle products, like their new high-tech headphones, Beats By Dre, made in part from recycled material like plastic bottles.

    It’s not surprising that the energetic performer is part of a project that will showcase his hip image and resonate with young consumers. As a global music performer and producer, wants to encourage recycling and sustainability by recycling with style! “You have to bring some art and fashion sensibility into this technology that turns a bottle into something cool” he says enthusiastically!

    Up-cycling used materials into new products reduces production and lowers energy usage, plus it reduces the air pollution caused by the incineration of discarded materials. These are all steps to a better world!

    Ekocycle products from are both purposeful and cool and we applaud for his ecological endeavors!

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  • Ecover Shows You How To Repurpose Clothes For Your Green Closet

    Date: 2012.10.19 | Category: Green Closet, How Tos | Response: 0

    Creating your #GreenCloset isn’t just about buying new eco-threads or shopping at thrift stores. It can also be about reinventing or repurposing what you already own by searching for fashionable ways to reduce your own ecological footprint. Next time you clean or organize your closet, instead of tossing that t-shirt you haven’t used in years, think about how you can breathe new life into the once-loved piece of fabric.

    Looking for inspiration? Here are a few great ideas we found!

    • One of the greatest men’s shirt makeovers – tutorial! Suzannah from adventures in dressmaking shows us how make a springy skirt from a men’s shirt. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and the results are shockingly chic. It’s definitely something you’d wear to the office.
    • Just a quickie… Repurposed has a fun post on how to make a fun, flowery scarf with nothing but a shirt (or two), scissors, a needle, and thread. This is the type of project you can easily complete in an evening.
    • 13 Ways To Repurpose Old Clothes. If you’re not into making new clothes from old threads, our friends at Apartment Therapy have a great post on how to create décor from old clothing. Definitely check out the site if you’re interested in doing anything from making a pet bed to refashioned pillows, some of the easiest DIY projects.

    Breathing new life into old clothes just takes a little time and creativity. Here at Ecover, we know you’re up for the Green Closet approach to fashion. You’ll love the rewards!

    And speaking of rewards, we have the grandest prize ever in our Green Closet sweepstakes on Facebook.  Clothes from Auralis and Study NY, an eco fashion consultation by Greta Eagan, Elizabeth Cline’s book: Overdressed, and Ecover products!  Enter today as this sweepstakes ends Sunday night at midnight.  Good luck!

    Image by Sewing Daisies via Flickr

  • Not Once But Twice: Ecover Appreciates A Clothing Store’s Concept

    Date: 2012.10.17 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    At Ecover you know we embrace the concept of a Green Closet which is all about long-lasting clothes and using sustainable materials. That’s why we’re excited to spread the word about Twice, an online “lightly-used” clothing store featuring top designer brands!

    Twice’s beginnings make for a great story. Co-founders Noah and Calvin didn’t have backgrounds in fashion or retail. They met while working at Google. Yet, these guys had one thing in common: both grew up in households with tight family budgets. For them, secondhand clothing always was “in.” Drawing upon this fashion sense—or cents!—Noah and Calvin designed a concierge-style approach to buying and selling high-quality clothing (typically less than five years old).

    This year-old startup has bagged $4 million in Series A financing, which will be spent on adding more staff, more fashions and new web features. Right now, Twice displays only women’s wear, but men and children’s clothing may come soon.

    Here’s how Twice works. First, potential sellers mail in clothes for consideration. Twice closely reviews arrivals and makes an offer based on condition, brand and style. After the clothes are listed online, buyers are able to browse the site and purchase high-end fashions at bargain prices. Garments that don’t make the cut are either returned to the sender or donated to Goodwill. For every box of clothing Twice receives from customers, it donates one to Goodwill.

    At Ecover, we take re-purposing garments seriously and we’re dismayed, as Green Closet team member Elizabeth Cline shares, by the amount of cheap, disposable clothes that ends up in landfills each year. In the U.S., discarded clothing is one of the single largest sources of landfill waste, with each household throwing away 175 pounds a year!

    Ecover congratulates Noah and Calvin on their new endeavor, and wishes them continuing success in their efforts to give clothes a second life!

    And speaking of a second or third life, we want to hear about the one item in your closet that you treasure the most that is 5-10 years old…and you can win the biggest prize ever for sharing your photo or story.  Enter our sweepstakes on Facebook via the Enter To Win box so we can check out your Green Closet!  Good Luck! 

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  • Ecover Looks At Why Cheap Fashion Is No Bargain

    Date: 2012.10.15 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    Americans love a bargain, and many people have the overstuffed closets to prove it. Ecover is aware that fashion-bingeing is enabled by an unending supply of cheap, imported clothing that’s worn today and thrown away tomorrow—much of it destined for landfills. Author and Ecover’s Green Closet supporter Elizabeth Cline helps explain just how unbecoming the “cheap and chic” trend really is in her new book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

    Cline deplores the shift to disposable fashion and the devastating effects on wages, the environment and the American apparel industry.  Ecover welcomes this type of exposure because it can help change industry and consumer behavior. Our own Green Closet blog poststweets and Facebook updates are all about helping you build a carefully edited wardrobe with pieces that you love and care for lovingly (with Ecover laundry products, of course)!

    Still, shoppers are primed to buy cheap and often. The average American acquires 68 new garments a year, yet spends a pittance on clothing as a percentage of income. “Our money has never gone further,” writes Cline. China, and increasingly Bangladesh, churn out cut-rate goods for the big U.S. retailers in relentless two-week product cycles to both fuel and satisfy demand. What happens to all this stuff? A whopping 70 pounds of clothing and textiles per person get tossed annually, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Waste. An estimated 85 percent of the rejects end up in landfills.

    Another downside of cheap clothing is that most of it feels and looks … cheap. Not flattering! The good news is that eco-fashion is thriving as a growing number of designers embrace sustainable fabrics and practices. Quality over quantity is the mantra of savvy eco-shoppers. Indeed, a Green Closet is a great investment and a real bargain in the long run!

    And if you want to expand your Green Closet, don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes on Facebook where you can win clothes by Auralis and Study NY, Elizabeth Cline’s book mentioned here, an eco styling consultation by Greta Eagan and Ecover products of course!  Once on Facebook, just click on our Enter To Win box just under our cover photo.  Good luck!

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  • Green Closet Newsflash: Ecover Laundry Bleach Powder Rescues Soiled Silk Chiffon!

    Date: 2012.10.12 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    Delicate garments require delicate care. But the beautiful, gossamer-like pieces created by sustainable designer Auralis Hererro-Lugo sure can take a beating after a whole season of press rounds! Alas, the Ava Top pictured here arrived back at the Auralis studio in Brooklyn, New York, following a recent photo shoot with makeup stains around the neckline and underarms, plus sweat marks and lipstick smears. Auralis’s solution to this Green Closet problem? Laundry Bleach Powder from Ecover, of course!

    A close-up of the print, which was created with hand-splattered iron oxide

    “Often in photo shoots, samples get inadvertently tested to the core,” report Auralis. “There are models trying it on a bunch of times, the makeup artist retouching the already dressed model, the stylist touching it to fix it, then the other staff.  On the way back and forth from just one photo shoot, a garment can go through many, many dirty hands – leaving multiple opportunities available to stain beige, extremely delicate silk garments such as our Ava Top.”

    “After the season was over,” said Auralis,  “I wanted to keep the sample in mint condition for reference. It was in pretty bad shape.  However, the laundry bleach took care of it all without affecting the iron oxide print or the delicate silk chiffon one bit!”

    As an enthusiastic Ecover fan, Auralis was confident that Ecover’s chlorine-free, oxygen-based bleach would go to work without harsh chemicals that could ruin the fabric. You, too, can rely on this mineral powerhouse to lift everyday stains like tea and fruit juice from your favorite pieces … which means you’ll get that much more mileage out of them from season to season.

    A Green Closet is a dependable closet! Thanks, Auralis, for sharing another Green Closet “problem/solution” scenario highlighting Ecover products. We’re looking forward to the next one!

  • Ecover Announces the Newest Member of the Green Closet Team: Eco Stylist Greta Eagan

    Date: 2012.10.03 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    Here at Ecover we are getting more and more excited about our Green Closet and the team that is supporting this important project.  Eco designers Auralis and Tara St. James, Author Elizabeth Cline and now Greta Eagan are your go-to eco-fashion green team!  Below are words from Greta sharing who she is and what she believes in…welcome Greta!

    A lot of people ask me how I first made my way into the field of eco-fashion. The answer is, ‘very organically.’ In fact, it all started with my eating cleaner and paying attention to what was going in my body and where it came from. From there, my awareness naturally progressed to caring about what I put on my body. As skin is the largest organ and absorbs the lotions and potions we put on it, it became very clear that if I was going to be a clean eater, I would also need to use pure products. Finally, I realized that what I put next to my body was just as important.

    Luckily, this stream of realizations all developed during my time at university in London. I dedicated my studies to Sustainable Fashion and a couple of years later emerged an eco- fashion expert!

    Today, I run a style site called FASHIONmeGREEN, which helps to bridge the gap between mainstream fashion and eco-fashion along with non-toxic beauty. My team and I are committed to helping women live a fashionably considered life without sacrifice! We work both at an editorial and personal level in the eco-styling realm, and we are super excited to learn about Ecover’s Green Closet. The closet is where it all starts. It is so important to craft a wardrobe that not only serves your style needs but also is in alignment with your values. If you need a helping hand in creating a Green Closet, let us know- we are happy to help!

    As we move forward in the eco-fashion space, our keenest area of development is with closed-loop clothing. ”Closed loop” recycling is basically a production process in which post-consumer waste is collected, recycled and used to make new products. We’ll be sure to keep you informed on our progress, and how you can get your hands on closed loop clothing to build your Green Closet!

    Greta Eagan
    Eco Stylist
    Ecover Green Closet Supporter


  • Ecover and EcoSalon Celebrate Green Closet With An Eco Fashion Sweepstakes Prize That Can’t Be Beat!

    Date: 2012.10.01 | Category: Ecover Products, Green Closet | Response: 1

    Here at Ecover we couldn’t be happier to team up with conscious culture fashion site EcoSalon as we head into October with a sweepstakes that celebrates your Green Closet! As you know, one of the elements of Green Closet is all about stopping the clothing rotation: buy good quality clothes and keep each item longer by taking good care of them.  So here’s the deal on our Green Closet sweepstakes: we want to see either a photo of a favorite garment that you have owned for 5 to 10 years and/or a brief description of why your beloved garment is so special to you. One randomly selected Grand Prize winner will take home a stunning prize package that includes fashions from our celebrated Green Closet designers Auralis Herrero-Lugo of Auralis and Tara St. James of Study NY, an eco-styling session with Green Closet supporter Greta Eagan of FASHIONmeGREEN, a signed copy of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by eco fashion expert Elizabeth Cline, and of course Ecover laundry products that will help you keep your favorite clothes sustainably fresh and well cared for – a total value of more than $650.00. Wow!

    We are beyond excited to partner with EcoSalon on our October sweepstakes.  Together we can truly celebrate Green Closet which is all about living a fashionable and sustainable lifestyle!

    Now for the prize details …. the lucky Grand Prize winner will receive the following:

    1. Auralis Ava Top (pictured above): This is the top for all seasons. 100% silk crinkle chiffon with an iron oxide splatter. Made in NYC.  – $128 plus an Auralis Hannah Scarf (not pictured): Indigo with Tumeric shibori accents. Perfect as a beach cover-up/sarong, a picnic blanket or a winter scarf.  4 feet x 4 feet. Fabric -  crepé plisé: 37% Silk, 35% Hemp, 28% Organic Cotton. Made in NYC.  – $80


          Front of blouse                                   Back of blouse

    1. Study, NY Berry Blouse (pictured above) – 100% organic cotton blouse with open back in the winner’s choice of white or pinstripe. Made in NYC – $165

    1. An online eco-styling session with Greta Eagan of FASHIONmeGREEN (pictured above). This 1.5-hour session includes: an overall style assessment, defining of personal and professional goals in dress attire, evaluation of five different outfits from the winner’s closet, and eco-fashion integration into their shopping knowledge and habits based on their personal values.  – $200
    1. One copy of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth Cline which talks about “Fast Fashion” and the price we pay for not shopping sustainably. -$29.99
    1. One each of the following full-size Ecover products, plus 2 reusable shopping totes approximated value $51:

    The total value of the grand prize is worth over $650!

    To enter, “like” our Ecover Facebook page and click on the sweepstakes tab under our cover photo. You will be asked to upload your photo and/or brief description, as well as your contact info. The sweeps ends on October 14, and the winner will be selected by random drawing on October 15th.

    We can’t wait to take a peek inside your Green Closet!  Good luck eco-fashionistas!


  • Tara St. James, An Ecover Green Closet Designer, Shares Study Styled By

    Date: 2012.09.26 | Category: Green Closet | Response: 0

    A note from Ecover: As you might remember, award winning eco designer Tara St. James is part of our Green Team, a group of fashion experts that celebrate Green Closet.  Tara has previously shared thoughts and ideas from her life so here is yet another insightful installment from the day in the life of Tara St. James.

    The theme for our Spring 2013 collection is Transparency.  I chose this theme for two reasons:

    1. I have wanted to make a see-thru blazer for several seasons now and it was finally time to do so.
    2. I felt it was time to communicate more directly with the stores who carry Study and the consumers who buy it, so they could fully understand the process involved in developing and putting together a collection.

    While the first was relatively easy to execute, the second has proved to be more involved and I am slowly integrating the philosophy into the day to day running of the brand.  Blog posts for various publications such as the Ecover Blog have helped me reach an audience I wouldn’t ordinarily have, while social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have allowed me to quickly post updates on what we’re doing in the studio while developing this collection.  I have made a very conscious choice this season to work more closely with the people who buy the brand as well, so we will be showing the collection to buyers in open studio sessions at our workshop rather than through a showroom this season.

    Additionally, I have decided to open up the collection to buyers, press and most importantly consumers to try on and photograph in my studio through a project called Study Styled By.  The response has been incredible!  I like to leave visitors alone with the samples so they can style them the way they would their own clothing rather than have me intervene in that very personal process.

    As an added benefit, visitors to the studio are treated with a rare glimpse into our workshop, where all our sample development happens.

    Follow the #StudyStyledBy project on instagram and twitter via @studyny and feel free to contact me if you’d like to participate.

    Tara St. James, Study NY
    Green Closet Designer