Chinese Cantonese recipes

September 26, 2018
Braised prawn balls and fried

Fabulous dish. I added much more vegies & doubled everything to produce dishes for during the week. My hubby usually does not like my deep-fried rice, but really liked this. Thanks for revealing this recipe Deb.

I accept many other reviewers right here, and present this meal the full 5 movie stars! This will be both tasty and healthy, and will not present that "heavy" sensation after eating. A most tasty style! I accompanied the directions as previously mentioned making no exceptions or changes. The beef I used had been from a freshly grilled chicked I bought during the supermarket. Best! Many thanks, Deb!

This is the dish I selected for ZWT Asian zero fat challenge so I performed make some modifications to it but the flavor was nevertheless here! I subbed tofu for beef, decreased the oil, utilized egg substitute, etc. Despite all that, it absolutely was extremely tasty for a vegetarian main meal! Thanks for enabling me to tinker along with your T&T recipe.

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